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At Happy Little Angels Day Nursery we provide your child with a welcoming, healthy and stimulating environment in which they can thrive; a place where children feel safe and secure and enjoy attending. We pride ourselves on valuing each and every child is an individual, developing their individuality, creativity, self-esteem an confidence.

Happy Little Angels Day Nursery has been carefully designed to meet the needs of all children who attend. The children have access to large, airy, well organised and resourced classrooms. The nursery also has a garden, which is used both recreationally and for focused activities.

The nursery also has the advantage of having highly experienced and qualified owners who have numerous years under their belt of running a care business. They support and understand Happy Little Angels Day Nursery meticulously and have a substantial input in the day to day running and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty! Our nursery is led and managed by highly motivated, qualified and experienced staff who work as a team to ensure they secure the very best outcomes for every child. We also have a permanent ‘Development Manager’ onsite who works closely with the children and staff to guarantee we are always providing the best quality care and education possible and to keep us on track striving for excellence.

We ensure that while your child is in our care they feel safe and secure and have a firm sense of security. Your child will be encouraged to become a confident and well-rounded individual, who is confident in communicating and forging relationships with both other children and adults alike.

All in all we strive to provide:

  • Excellent Care
  • Excellent Education
  • Excellent Environments

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